Lawmakers consider $30 fee for parks, forests

Well, the poor are the losers in this proposal. Those who can’t afford to pay to come to our parks, can just stay home, apparently. This is the sad outcome of a combination of voters who think they are paying too much in taxes, so aren’t willing to pay more, and a terrible recession. Lawmakers are left with having to charge you for everything. Wonder if we will ever see a free park system again? Ideas like this usually never goes back, just continues to go up in price. Perhaps there should be a sliding scale for those who are unemployed?

2/2 Tacoma News Tribune
Lawmakers consider $30 fee for parks, forests

Washington’s state forests and parks may be priceless, but that isn’t keeping policymakers from floating an admission charge: $30.

That’s the cost of an annual parking pass for public lands in a proposal receiving its first hearing in the Legislature today. Those who don’t buy the “Discover Pass” would pay $10 for a single day’s visit or face a ticket.

It’s a bargain, supporters say, considering the alternative is closing off lands to the public to help the state close a $4.6 billion budget shortfall.

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  1. Why not have a day a week or month that access is free like the first Thursday for museums in Seattle?. Parks are public places where all should be able to enjoy nature.Those who cannot afford a fee now may well have contributed when they were employed. The access should always be for all even if staged at particular times to fit budgets.

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