David Dicks steps down from Partnership, joins UW

People For Puget Sound statement re David Dicks leaving the Partnership
Thanks go to David Dicks for his work at the Partnership and we look forward to working with him in his new capacity at the UW School of the Environment.

We thank David for his contributions to moving the Action Agenda forward to restore Puget Sound. A lot has been accomplished but much more remains to be done– Puget Sound remains on the brink. The Partnership is making progress but much of what they set out to do remains undone.

As the Partnership moves into a new chapter, with both a new Chair and a new executive Director, we stand ready to do all we can to help the Partnership achieve its mission to recover the health of Puget Sound by 2020.

November 10, 2010

Puget Sound Partnership:
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TACOMA, Wash. – David Dicks will leave his position as executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership to take a new position at the University of Washington’s College of the Environment. The search for his replacement at the Puget Sound Partnership will begin immediately.
“David has given the past six years of his life to the creation and running of the Puget Sound Partnership,” said Governor Gregoire. “I deeply appreciate his dedication to the health of Puget Sound.  Thankfully, David will continue to be a major player in Puget Sound restoration with my appointment of him today to the Partnership’s Leadership Council.”
Under David’s leadership at the Puget Sound Partnership the Action Agenda, a comprehensive and prioritized plan to restore Puget Sound, was created.  Funding for the effort has increased exponentially. In all, over $460 million has been put in place in over 600 projects to restore and protect Puget Sound, creating over 15,000 jobs.
“He is one of the best directors I have encountered in my decades of dealing with salmon and Puget Sound issues.  From day one he has understood that this is our best last chance to save Puget Sound and he has done a great deal to ensure that we will get it done.” said Billy Frank, Chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. 
“David’s appointment was crucial in ensuring that business stayed at the table.  He has done a great job of making sure that all interests, including those of business, are heard as we chart our path forward with Puget Sound,” said Sam Anderson of the King and Snohomish County Master Builders Association.
Martha Kongsgaard, Chair of the Puget Sound Partnership noted “I congratulate David on his new post, and thank him for his six years of visioning, creating, and building this important new institution.  I look forward to working with him on the Leadership Council, where his deep knowledge, political savvy, and passion will continue to benefit this National Treasure, Puget Sound, and the people who call it home.”
“I want to thank Governor Gregoire for the opportunity to serve in her administration.  It has been an incredible privilege to work with all of the local groups, inspiring individuals, and tribal, local, state, and federal leaders who do so much everyday for Puget Sound.  I also want to thank the staff at the Puget Sound Partnership who are some of the brightest, hardest working, and dedicated people I have ever worked with,” said Dicks.  “I am very hopeful for Puget Sound.  We have developed a great Action Agenda that is being implemented all across Puget Sound.  We have moved Puget Sound to a level of parity with the Chesapeake Bay at the national level, and we have helped to dramatize to the public the ongoing threats to Puget Sound that need to be remedied.”
In December, Dicks will assume a new role as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Civic Engagement at the University of Washington’s College of the Environment, and will focus on deepening community engagement and utilizing the wealth of scientific resources at the College to help solve environmental problems.
“We are pleased to have David join us as we build the leadership team for the College,” said Lisa Graumlich, Dean of the College of the Environment.  “His skills and experience with both key issues and the diverse communities throughout Washington are real assets as the College defines and deepens its role in the broader community.”
The staff and Boards at the Puget Sound Partnership would like to thank David for his passion, dedication, and success in protecting and restoring Puget Sound, and wish him the best in his new endeavor.