It’s over: Harbor-Works officially no longer exists – PDN

A sad situation, given all the money and effort put into it, but it was plagued by a massive ego in it’s leadership, and should be a lesson for any future similar efforts. Unilateral decision making in an issue like this is not a good idea. The public has to have buy in for it to work.

10/20 Peninsula Daily News
By Tom Callis
Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — Harbor-Works formally came to an end Tuesday.

The City Council voted unanimously to dissolve the public development authority 17 months and more than a million dollars after creating it.

The decision came after board members of the Harbor-Works Development Authority thanked the city for its support and urged continuing pressure on the state Department of Ecology to ensure that environmental cleanup of Rayonier Inc.’s former pulp mill site doesn’t continue to face delays.

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