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And to add to the older posts, today Chris Dunagan’s Watching Our Waterways column has a story about the Nalley Island, and another estuary about to get protection.  Bit by bit, we are clawing back these critical wildlife and water purification locations (which is one major function that estuaries contribute to the natural world) as we can.  Many of us look for positive signs of restoration, these are two…

Last week, I had a rare opportunity to take a mental trip back in time. It happened twice, as I stood in two different Hood Canal wetlands and recalled the past while pondering the future.”Read more: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/2010/10/13/sharing-the-joy-of-restoring-hood-canal-wetlands/#ixzz12ROu83oN


10/9 Olympian

Hood Canal estuary takes shape
JOHN DODGE; Staff writer

The final piece of a three-mile dike that encircled Nalley Island at the mouth of the Skokomish River was scooped up and hauled away Friday, a major milestone in recovery of Hood Canal’s largest estuary.

The 214-acre island once was the home of the Skokomish Tribe but was purchased, diked and farmed by the Tacoma-based Nalley’s Inc. food products company in the 1930s.

The $2 million project to restore tidal influence to the island is part of the largest estuary-restoration project on Hood Canal, following on the heels of a 108-acre dike-removal project just west of the island in 2007 that cost $1.6 million.

The tribal project has been years in the making and was made possible by state and federal funding; Tacoma Power, which bought the island from Nalley after the farm was abandoned in the 1980s; and other partners.

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