More problems in Hood Canal…the die off keeps coming…

I wonder if there is going to be any fish left after this is over….

9/28 Seattle Times
Wind offers reprieve to struggling, dying fish in Hood Canal dead zone
By Craig Welch
Seattle Times environment reporter
Wolf eels lay sluggish on rocks, their gills pumping in and out as if panting. Deep-water rockfish and shiner perch congregated in massive schools at the surface. An octopus died and turned a sickly white.
Early this week, divers working with scientists in Hood Canal once again saw thousands of fish struggling — and sometimes failing — to stay alive in the canal’s upper reaches, one of the few places in the water column with enough oxygen for them to survive.
Tuesday morning things looked worse: Surface waters, too, had become lethal.
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Oxygen Levels Drop Again in Hood Canal
Fish and other sea creatures are struggling to survive at the surface of Hood Canal near Hoodsport.