Smith & Minor Islands pass threshold to become Aquatic Reserves

DNR has approved the Smith and Minor Islands Aquatic Reserves determination of  of non-significance (DNS) after receiving 318 public comments, all positive for the plan. This apparently paves the way to officially name it an Aquatics Reserve, protecting the bottom lands below it from possible commercial uses, such as tidal energy, or pipelines. Given the vast amount of other areas around for these things, it’s important to give what protection we can to these areas. It’s worth noting that a state major dredge spoils dump is nearby this area. It’s those kinds of things that can spoil the bottom around these places.

Anyway, thanks to DNR and congratulations to People For Puget Sound, who proposed this in the first place, and the Marine Resource Committees who championed it.  Hope I’ve not missed anyone else!

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  1. This is GREAT NEWS, and demonstrates the value of gathering and feeding supportive statements into a decision-making process such as happened here.

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