Boyer crosses line into strange new territory…new questions are raised about him

With the latest odd story quoting Jim Boyer that he believes the U.N. may somehow be involved in the environmental protection efforts of Jefferson County, we now have a new chapter opening in the race for county commissioner from District 3. The most disturbing part of this ‘allegation’ is that this is the kind of conspiracy theory that was initiated in the late 1950s by the John Birch Society. It is still a John Birch tenet, that somehow the U.N. (“get U.S. out of the UN!” bill boards still around today), is behind some kind of world domination effort to subvert the U.S. By throwing out this comment, it raises the question that I would have never asked before this, which is, “Mr. Boyer, are you or have you been a member of the John Birch Society?” I believe that moderate Republican and swing voters would like to clearly have this laid out for them before choosing to vote. Up to now, Mr. Boyer simply seemed like a conservative Republican, painting all environmental efforts as “bad”. Now we wonder, what is going on here? What beliefs does he really represent? I can’t for the life of me, understand how the U.N. factors into shoreline protection in Jefferson County.

As Mark Twain once said:
“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”

From Sunday’s Peninsula Daily News: Please link through and read the whole story at their web site.

PORT TOWNSEND — Is there a link between the United Nations, Olympic National Park and possible control of Jefferson County shoreline regulations and water policy?

Republican District 3 county commissioner candidate Jim Boyer, who has called his opponent an “enviro-wacko,” suspects there is a connection through the U.N.’s Biosphere Program.

“I am interested in what is entailed and how it manifests itself into the control of our water for farmers and in the Chimacum Valley and Snow Creek Watershed and how these different entities intertwine,” Boyer, a 64-year-old Port Ludlow home-builder, said Thursday.

“I have concerns about why it seems like we have subordinated our sovereignty to an international body that makes its own rules,” he added

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