Millions in grants go to Puget Sound science

This is much needed. There is a huge gap in our understanding of how the Sound actually works. The state has laid off a lot of scientists that helped state agencies do the studies, so this is a great boost to keep those scientists employed helping us better understand how and what we need to be protecting.  It’s constantly hammered by anti regulation people that we don’t know enough to make any decisions, this should help get us better data.

9/4 Tacoma News Tribune
ROB CARSON; Staff writer
Efforts to restore the health of Puget Sound have gotten another big boost from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with the announcement of nearly $13 million in grants – specifically to bolster Puget Sound science.
Recipients of all the grants have not yet been made public. U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Belfair, will join EPA officials Wednesday in University Place for the formal announcement.
Insiders said about $4 million of the money will go to the collaborative research institute formed by the University of Washington Tacoma and the Puget Sound Partnership, located at Tacoma’s Center for Urban Waters.
The state Department of Health also is among the apparent winners, with a grant for studies in Cormorant Passage in South Puget Sound.
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  1. As one of the many laid off state marine scientists I can say that this will NOT help keep meaningful science in play. We have lost SO much on the ground local meaningful science from the state agencies. The scientific expertise has been replaced-via this funding by those that don’t know the resource or the resource issues that need to be understood. They are politicians in all manner and focus on the feel good issues that are surficial to the heavy hitting that needs to be happening at the local level. These groups instead generate meeting upon meeting-and that’s it. Our resource, and science base, is suffering from it-significantly.

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