Evidence continues to point to Navy in Hood Canal Oyster Washup

Chris Dunagan continues to follow up on this bizarre situation. What’s new to me is that the Navy was apparently out there training for hours. This wasn’t just a ‘drive by’ incident, but apparently they were washing up huge wakes for a long time that day. Now it begins to make sense.


Evidence continues to point toward the USS Port Royal as the cause of massive numbers of oysters washing up on beaches near Seabeck as well as along Dabob Bay on the opposite side of Hood Canal.

A Navy investigator visited affected residents on Misery Point yesterday, though it remains unclear when a report may be issued. According to folks along the beach, the investigator was able to smell the stench of rotting oysters still drifting about in that area.

I’m afraid there was some initial confusion about the timing, because some people discovered the washed-up oysters on Friday, Aug. 13, and I believe they assumed the event had occurred on Thursday, Aug. 12. Witnesses on both sides of Hood Canal have now confirmed that the Port Royal was speeding up and down Dabob Bay on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

Read more: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/waterways/2010/08/27/hood-canal-residents-still-troubled-by-oyster-washup/#ixzz0xxzQcb8q

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