Department of Ecology abandons Low Impact Development Implementation

Depressingly, after a long period of deliberation, it appears that the Department of Ecology has decided to go against it’s own Technical Advisory Committee and implement 0/100/100 for Low Impact Development (LID) projects. That will mean that development would be required to retain 0% natural soils/vegetation (yes you read that right, none),  developers would be allowed to harden (using concrete, etc.) 100% of the site (!), and discharge 100% of precipitation (meaning rain run off, etc.) after storage.

I don’t understand what LID means with rules like this. To be clear, allowing this kind of decision is not implementing LID. Not at all. I would welcome the State to explain to me and the readers of this site how this is LID.

Pro development organizations that usually vote for Republicans ought to be cheering this. It seems to give them a green light to greenwash the LID process.  Please prove me wrong…

This seems to be an excellent opportunity for the Puget Sound Partnership to step in and get DOE to “do the right thing” and implement something that will help restore the Puget Sound rather than continue our path of pollution.

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