Rayonier withdraws from negotiations for Harbor Works…

In reading the letter from Rayonier, it’s pretty clear that it seems that the deal just didn’t offer sufficient financial or legal support for them. Reading it, even between the lines, seems to validate their case. However, like all political issues, there must be more to this than meets the eye.  Guess the Harbor Works Development Authority will now dissolve? Or maybe come back to the table with a better offer… More to follow…be sure to read the letter.


7/25 Peninsula Daily News
Rayonier won’t sell to Harbor-Works; company announces end to negotiations on Port Angeles property
By Tom Callis
Peninsula Daily News
PORT ANGELES — Rayonier has told Harbor-Works that it will not sell the site of its former pulp mill to the public development authority.
In a surprise letter sent last week to the Harbor-Works Development Authority, Rayonier Vice President Michael Herman wrote that the company has "no further interest in pursuing a transaction with HW [Harbor-Works] at this time."
The move comes about two weeks before the Harbor-Works board was to decide whether to acquire the former mill site and puts nearly two years of effort to place the largest undeveloped property on the North Olympic Peninsula under public ownership in serious jeopardy.
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Rayonier letter:
7/26 Peninsula Daily News
Supporters, opponents respond to Rayonier letter nixing mill site sale

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