Now a large oil spill in China

And now this…this is why we are so hard core about protecting Puget Sound from oil spills, and making sure that the costs are borne by all of us who use petroleum products. Which is likely 99.9% of the population.

BEIJING – China’s largest reported oil spill emptied beaches along the Yellow Sea as its size doubled Wednesday, while cleanup efforts included straw mats and frazzled workers with little more than rubber gloves.

An official warned the spill posed a “severe threat” to sea life and water quality as China’s latest environmental crisis spread off the shores of Dalian, once named China’s most livable city. (sound familiar? Think Seattle, Port Townsend).

“The oil is half-solid and half liquid and is as sticky as asphalt,” she told The Associated Press by telephone.

The oil had spread over 165 square miles (430 square kilometers) of water five days since a pipeline at the busy northeastern port exploded…

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