$100,000 fine will help Sound environment

Seems like a paltry sum compared to the other two. Anyone know why we got such a small amount? – Editor

7/15 Olympian
John Gillie, staff writer
About $100,000 of a $4 million fine levied against a Greek shipping company will be used to help restore Puget Sound’s marine environment.

Irika Shipping S.A. paid the fine last week in connection with a case involving deliberate pollution from the Iorana, a Greek cargo ship that made calls in Tacoma, Baltimore and New Orleans.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will administer $1 million of that fine for environmental projects in Chesapeake Bay, Louisiana and Puget Sound.

Irika agreed to pay the fine in connection with a scheme in which the Iorana’s chief engineer discharged some 6,000 gallons of oily waste into the open ocean.