Head of Puget Soundkeepers Alliance Resigns

Bob Beckman, the head and founder of Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, has abruptly resigned.  The PSA is the organization that sued the boatyards of the Sound due to issues over dissolved copper runoff.

This is very interesting, in the wake of ‘success’ of their lawsuit against the boatyards. I put ‘success’ in quotes, due to the very controversial nature of this lawsuit, which seemed to do more  to alienate the boating community than it did to actually solve the problems of dissolved copper in the water of Puget Sound. There was some good in this suit, in as much as the State Dept of Ecology is now working tin finalize new more stringent regulations for catchments for boat yards. The problem of dissolved copper in our waters, which can severely affect salmon at levels much lower than humans, won’t go away with this resignation.

We hosted Bob at the Jefferson County MRC last month (June) to have him go over the reasons for the lawsuit. There is nothing on the PSA web site about Bob’s resignation, so read the news here..


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