Peninsula Doctor’s Son Killed in Afghanistan

Dr. Richards, the father of the fallen marine detailed in this story, is a very close friend of our family, and a musical partner of mine in many weekly jam sessions. It is easiy to forget, with a volunteer army, that there are real sacrifices having to be made on behalf of this 8+ year war. This is truly another tragic reminder, of the very real human cost to the US for this war. A father and son is lost, and his musical voice is gone forever.  I have raised a son, and the long memory of all the events, little and big, that went into his life is what we are left with. We can tax ourselves forever and a day and  eventually recoup the monetary costs of this war, but we will never recoup our human losses. Megan and my heart goes out to Dr.Richards. And to all the families of soldiers who will never come home again, or have come home radically altered from the way they left, either emotionally, physically, or both.

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An obit of William Taylor Richards is found here.