Protest in Victoria and Vancouver Is over Farmed Salmon

As we work to restore wild salmon runs here on the Peninsula, a large protest against farmed salmon took place between April and June in BC. Led by wild salmon activist Alexandra Morton, she and thousands of other citizens marched the length of Vancouver Island to protest for an end to net pen salmon farming in BC waterways. The goal, to move these to land based farms, is gaining traction in BC.

This issue is important because of threats of net pen aquaculture both here in Jefferson and Clallam Counties. Rumors of native plans to institute net pen aquaculture continue to float around the Peninsula. The recently passed Jefferson County SMP did what it could to ban net pens from the waters, and force them upland. There is still a great deal of controversy over even upland pens, due to sewage runoff from the fish. 

To see what has been happening in BC, take a quick look at the following short video of the project.