Oyster Poaching Case Reveals Shellfish Safety Gaps

I visited Peter Downing at his Geoduck farm the other day, and he alluded to this situation. A real dark side to the whole aquaculture world. And the state funding for enforcement is virtually non-existant.  You can’t just legislate stuff, you have to provide money for enforcement, which has been a weak spot for years. Demand enforcement! – Editor

6/17 KPLU-FM

Austin Jenkins
OLYMPIA, WA (N3) – If you ever eat shellfish, you’ll want to listen to this story. A major oyster and clam poaching case has revealed gaps in the system that’s supposed to ensure Washington shellfish are safe to eat. Washington Fish and Wildlife cops recently raided a seafood operation on Hood Canal. They allege an outfit called G&R Quality Seafood was a front for a nighttime shellfish theft ring. KPLU’s Austin Jenkins has our story.
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