Port Angeles Shoreline & Harbor Visioning Process Begins Weds 6PM

The City of Port Angeles is updating the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP), in compliance with the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and adopted state shoreline management guidelines.

A Shoreline Master Program is a document required for all Washington jurisdictions and contains both policies and regulations that apply to “shorelines of the state”. The SMP is intended to provide for environmental protection,
appropriate shoreline use and development, and public access. As required by state law, the City will need to adopt a SMP that meets state guidelines before December of 2012. At the same time that the Shoreline Master Program is being updated,
the Port Angeles Harbor Resource Management Plan will also be updated. The Harbor Resource Management Plan (HRMP) is a guidance document, based on a vision developed by citizens and stakeholders of Port Angeles.  The HRMP is intended to provide a coordinated plan for the future utilization of the Port Angeles Harbor that allocates the water and shoreline areas of the Harbor to those public and private sector uses which best benefit the Port Angeles community for the long term. The
Plan will propose specific actions, identify goals for Harbor uses, and guide development along the shoreline and in the Harbor.
The Shoreline Master Program and Harbor Resource Management Plan will be updated concurrently with each other and will share planning resources, public meetings, and scientific and economic information gathering efforts.

The City will hold public meetings throughout the update process.  On Wednesday, June 9th the first in a series of Harbor-wide visioning meetings will take place during the regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting.  Reports will be provided on the history, needs and requirements for updates and backgrounds, including guidance from a consultant on how this process will all be brought together.  The meeting will incorporate opportunities for public participation.

The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers in City Hall at 321 E. 5th Street.  For more information visit:
http://www.cityofpa.us/shoreline.htmor contact Scott Johns, Associate Planner at 360-417-4752 or email shoreline@cityofpa.us