Rockfish Conservation Plan needs comments by May 21st. Please help.

Support efforts to protect the dwindling rockfish population in Puget Sound and the Straits. 

Revised Puget Sound Rockfish Conservation Plan Comments due Friday, May 21st

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has issued the Revised Draft of the Puget Sound Rockfish Conservation Plan (PSRCP). New comments are needed in support the Revised Plan because it is substantially better in scope and application. This revised plan covers all of Puget Sound and creates Marine Reserves and Rockfish Conservation Areas where rockfish stocks and species are specifically protected. Marine reserves and Rockfish Conservation Areas are a network of protected marine habitats. Inside these areas, fishing is totally prohibited or severely restricted. This network of protected habitats will allow all Endangered Species of Puget Sound to rebuild their populations. Because there is always considerable political contention surrounding depressed fisheries and yet another restrictive management plan, adoption of the Revised Plan will require strong support from the environmental community and the public. Please support WDFW’s Revised Puget Sound Rockfish Conservation Plan by sending letters and emails of support before Friday May 21st at 5PM. Include the name of the proposal and your name in the subject line of your comment. For example; “Revised Puget Sound Rockfish Conservation Plan – John Doe.”

The important points to discuss are; a). The Revised Plan is clearly the most proactive plan the WDFW has ever done to protect and restore the fisheries and ecosystems of Puget Sound. b). Puget Sound has the most depressed fisheries in North America and Washington has the longest list (51) of endangered marine species. c). The revised plan is part of a larger nationwide political movement toward Ecosystem Based Management (EBM). EBM recognizes that ecosystem connections exist amongst all living things and human activities and habitat protection. EBM will guide our uses of the oceans and coasts so they are used and managed sustainably. EBM is clearly the future for managing all of our natural marine resources. d). Sierra Club supports the Preferred Action Alternative proposed by the WDFW. e). Emphasize that we need “No Take” marine reserves to protect marine habitats and help restore all endangered species. f). Modern fishing technology allows fishermen to identify and take fish from any habitat or site in Puget Sound. We need sites protected to protect vulnerable species. g). Ask the WDFW to hold local public meetings each time a marine reserve (MR) or rockfish conservation area (RCA) is proposed. h). Also ask them to promote the restoration potential of “No Take” marine reserves. Lastly, get ready to participate in those meetings and support “No Take” Marine Reserves. Many fishermen will oppose the creation of marine reserves.

 The restoration of Puget Sound ecosystems and sustainable fisheries are at stake. Submit your comments in one of the followings ways:

 Email to;

  Online at the WDFW website comment link at:;

 Fax to 360- 902-2946  Mail to; WDFW Responsible Official Teresa A. Eturaspe, SEPA/NEPA Coordinator Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way Olympia, WA 98501-1091

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