Join us working to protect the Straits & Sound

If anyone needed a reason, it’s clear that the work that environmentalists are doing to protect the Straits and Sound is urgent and cannot be taken for granted. The fiasco of the Gulf oil spill was a disaster waiting to happen for over 50 years. So now, here we are, with the entire shoreline of the southern US likely to become a dead zone. Millions of years of ecological development is being  destroyed. Wasn’t the Exxon Valdez enough? It’s all too painful to watch, frankly.

So what’s your excuse for not joining the many groups out there working to stop oil spills from tankers and freighters by demanding escort tugs for all ships?  And putting additional protection into place?

Join People For Puget Sound if you want to join the group that has the largest reach, or join your local watershed protection group, or Marine Resource Committee if you want to work locally.

Just do it. Time is running out, as the folks on the Gulf, who have tolerated this drilling and now are being wiped out by it have found out. It’s up to all of us.

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