South Sound Commercial Shellfish Improving

This is good news. Things are improving for South Sound growers, which is a step in the right direction

4/14 Olympian
Commercial shellfish beaches improve
JOHN DODGE; Staff writer

South Sound commercial shellfish beaches are conspicuous in their absence from the state Department of Health’s 2010 list of polluted beaches threatened with harvest closures.
It marks the first time since the state agency started its annual early warning notices in 1997 that one or more growing areas in Mason and Thurston counties haven’t been on the list, state Health Department shellfish specialist Bob Woolrich said.
The list of 10 areas threatened with harvest restrictions is down from 16 last year and is the least number of areas with deteriorating marine water quality in the past 13 years.

“We’ve seen improvement in water quality in many shellfish growing  areas over the past year,” Woolrich said.

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