Coast Guard, Ecology responded to vessel that lost power near Grays Harbor – problem avoided.

Department of Ecology News Release – March 26, 2010


Coast Guard, Ecology responding to vessel that lost power near Grays Harbor

OLYMPIA – Spill responders and vessel inspectors from the U.S. Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) are closely monitoring the Crystal Ocean, a 570-foot cargo vessel that lost propulsion this morning, three miles off the mouth of Grays Harbor in the Pacific Ocean.

At this point, there’s no report of oil or other pollutants being released.

The vessel was in-bound to the Port of Grays Harbor when the mechanical failure occurred. The vessel is currently at anchor approximately three miles southwest of Ocean Shores. As a precaution, a tug was dispatched from Grays Harbor and is currently alongside the Crystal Ocean.

The vessel is estimated to be carrying about 140,000 gallons of bunker fuel and 23,000 gallons of diesel fuel in its tanks to run its engines.

The Crystal Ocean has reportedly regained full operational capability. However, federal and state authorities are waiting for tests to be completed, including more information about why the failure occurred, before the vessel will be allowed to proceed to the port during daylight hours with tug assistance.

The Coast Guard and Ecology are prepared to immediately respond if it is determined the vessel poses any pollution or maritime safety threats.


It seems that the vessel was able to anchor 3 miles offshore, and was able to regain power, according to a conversation with the DOE. Tugs were on hand standing by for the duration, but ultimately it all worked out for the best.