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March 19, 2010
CONTACT: Bruce Wishart, People For Puget Sound (360) 754-9177

(Olympia WA)  Governor Christine Gregoire today signs into law legislation reducing and phasing out copper and other hazardous materials in auto brake pads.

The Copper Brake Pad bill (SSB 6557) was sponsored by Senator Kevin Ranker and championed by the Puget Sound Partnership and the Washington State Department of Ecology.

It calls for reductions and the eventual phase out of copper and other hazardous materials in auto brake pads. Copper is a very serious toxic compound for salmon and other aquatic life.  About fifty percent of the copper entering Puget Sound comes from brake pads.

“This is really landmark legislation,” said Bruce Wishart, Policy Director of People For Puget Sound. “Washington is the first state to enact such a bill and it will to lead to changes across the entire auto industry.”

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