New scientific data on river flooding raises more concerns

King County has just posted an up to date report on scientific evidence for climate change related trends in river flooding. While specific to King County, the ramifications are just as valid for us out here, some 75 miles away. The preliminary data studies, using a variety of different climate model scenarios for the same reach of the Snoqualmie River. The models, all based on standard best practices science for modeling these kinds of events, run from 2000 to 2075 in 25 year increments. There is a ‘warm’, ‘warmer’ and ‘warmest’ set of variables. There is no modeling based on ‘no change’ or ‘cooler’. There is a reason for that. There is no scientific likelyhood that the planet is going to stay the same or cool down in the next 100 years.

What do the models say? Increases in:

Regardless of the cause of the heating up of our planet, (to politely set aside political debate on the subject), the planet is warming, and fast. We need to continue to plan for issues that are outcomes of this warming, like flooding, to increase in the above areas. This will cost money, and requires significant planning and education of the public. Especially the public along these rivers, that are likely to find their homes gone. If we don’t act, the insurance companies will take matter into their own hands and simply radically increase the payments. I for one, as a taxpayer, do not feel like bailing out a bunch of people who choose to live on a river that is likely to see significant flooding increase. How about you?

The report can be downloaded at this link.

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