Warmest January on Record for Seattle (and probably us too)

Weather you agree that this is global warming or not, the ramifications for our source of water, the snowpack of the Olympics, is worrisome. As the globe (or areas of the globe) warms, that means that our snow pack is not as low (in elevation), nor as deep. Water is probably going to continue to be a huge concern for the west, and us.
The National Weather Service says last month was the warmest January on record in Seattle, an average of 47 degrees.

That was about a half-degree warmer than the old record set in 2006. Seattle records go back to 1891.

Forecasters say the average daily high at Sea-Tac Airport was nearly 52 degrees, about 6 degrees above normal. The average low was the month was about 43, about 7 degrees above normal.

Bellingham also had its warmest January on record, averaging 45 degrees. And Olympia had its second-warmest January, averaging nearly 44 degrees.


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