Sea Turtle in Puget Sound?

Seems as though there may have been a sighting of what looked like a sea turtle. Does anyone know if there has ever been a sea turtle sighted in the Sound? Seems too small to have been an Orca, unless they all were mistaking the size. Maybe a seal?
Reported on Orca Sighting Network: “Yesterday, Monday, November 23, about 2:30 pm, two sets of my neighbors said they saw a large sea turtle heading slowly northward in Eld Inlet near the north end of Cooper Point (Olympia, WA).”

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  1. HI my name is JEREMY OLESON I sware to god i seen a sea turtle it was huge me and my wife were takeing a ferry acroos the sound to one of the islands i dont remember what one but we left from seattle as the fery was slowing down me and my wife were out side on deck looking over board the hole time and thats when it happend the shell was breaching the water and you could see his neck streatching and his for stumpy arms we didnt think any thang about it because i thaught they were every where when i started telling prople they said i was crazy but we no what we seen.

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