Cocaine, Spices, Hormones Found in Drinking Water and the Sound

It’s worth noting that the article points out that Richard Keil is  working with People For Puget Sound as part of the Sound Citizen  program. P4PS current has a fundraising drive to keep programs like this going. Please join us to support projects like these!

Surprising Ingredients Found in Puget Sound Waters
By David Bois

Scientists working in and around Washington state’s Puget Sound have compiled what sounds like a pretty festive and flavorful shopping list: let’s see, there’s cinnamon, thyme and sage, some vanilla, and chocolate too.

Unfortunately, as reported by National Geographic <; , this is not a shopping list, but the results of water quality analysis from Puget Sound water samples, and the mechanism for how these items found their way into regional waters is, shall we say, not terribly appetizing.

Richard Keil is a professor of oceanography at the University of Washington and heads up the People for Puget Sound’s Sound Citizen program <> that focuses effort on understanding how what we do on land has an effect on our water resources. Among the things we do on land are eat, drink and use the facilities, which leads us back to Keil and group’s recent discoveries.

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