Nanoparticles found in oyster livers

For the first time, research shows that nanoparticles called fullerenes are filtered out of water by oysters and taken up by their liver cells. The particles accumulated in special cell compartments and affected the cells’ ability to regenerate and process nutrients. Adult oysters, embryos and liver cells that were exposed to moderate levels of the carbon-based nanoparticles were all sensitive to the fullerenes, possibly more than other aquatic animals tested to date.

Editor- The debate on the safety of nanoparticles, generated by the nascent nanotechnology industry, is of great concern to many scientists. As this technology expands, it’s effects on human and animal life is unknown, other than a few studies like this. The next step is to get the shellfish industry to test their products for possible exposure to these particles, and if necessary, call for an outright ban on them around the Sound.

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