Third new calf this year born to resident orca pod!

From the Center for Whale Research — New calf J46 – named “Star”

A Star is born! On November 11, 2009 a brand new baby whale was seen in J pod swimming next to its mother at mid-day near the west side of San Juan Island. A few hours later at sunset the new baby and its extended family swam past the Victoria, BC waterfront before turning back toward Admiralty Inlet and Puget Sound for the night. On the 12th and 13th of November the new baby and family traveled extensively near Seattle, WA where they were received with great media excitement; and, on the 14th of November they were back near Victoria, BC. This family tour of the endangered whales’ core habitat with a new baby seemed to be like “showing off” for a well- wishing crowd of humans that swarm the shores and waters watching them, but really they were looking for food – salmon. Puget Sound Chum salmon are in season for the whales’ diet in early winter, but Chinook salmon are their mainstay diet year-round throughout their range, and they too are endangered. For more on this story, go to: