Seabirds dying from coastal algae bloom -update

The ongoing bloom on the coast is a disaster for our shorebird population. This may have devasting effects for decades to come. Thanks to the volunteers helping out to get the surviving birds to some shelters. I’m unsure how many otters may be affected as well.

KPLU story on it:

10/27 Northwest News Network Coastal Algae Bloom: “It’s Like An Oil Spill, Without the Oil” Tom Banse It’s like an oil spill, but without the oil. That’s how wildlife rescue people are describing an unusual red tide along the Northwest coast. The algal bloom is causing hundreds upon hundreds of dead or dying seabirds to wash up on coastal beaches. Today, the deluge of distress shows signs of tapering off. Listen at’It’s.Like.An.Oil.Spill..Without.the.Oil’ See also 10/28 Everett Herald PAWS rescuers scramble to save seabirds covered in algae

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