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Looks like, due to a good fresh water runoff year in 2007, humpy (pink salmon) runs are up. Unfortunately their up over on the east side of the Sound. No mention if the runs from over here are at similar strength. Full story at http://www.bellinghamherald.com/outdoors/story/1019031.html

8/6 Bellingham Herald
Banner Puget Sound pink salmon runs expected

It’s going to be a mighty good ‘humpy’ year on most Puget Sound rivers where outstanding runs of odd-year pink salmon are anticipated.

And while the Nooksack is not expected to share in the bounty, forecasts call for more than five million wild pinks to return to just five major Western Washington river systems.

With virtually no hatchery supplementation, the 2009 run will be the product of wild reproduction, but only as a result of favorable freshwater conditions during the winter of 2007.

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  1. I think the Skagit is the main river for pinks. The Elwa might have had them before the dams. Other than that there aren’t too many rivers that support them on the pennisula.

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