Judge declines to stop the Growler overflights on Whidbey Island  – Seattle Times

A setback in the work to end the Growler overflight expansion. I think it might be appropriate for the judge in this case to go live in one of these homes for a month, then make a ruling.
Judge says citizens of Ebey’s Reserve failed to show the impact of Growler overflights was significantly worse than predicted by the Navy in 2005. Mike Carter reports. (Seattle Times)


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  1. Unfortunately, no it can’t. The judge’s ruling was so clear and direct that no one will take the appeal. The Navy owns the airspace over the Olympic Peninsula and they already are funded for 153 Growlers. The judge pretty much ensured that. Sadly, no one ever beats the military on these basing decisions. It has been tried and failed on Whidbey, Virginia Beach, Vermont, and many other places. The people lose every single time! And in 1996, the Argent vs. the United States Navy lost big time at the Supreme Court. That pretty much ended the whole thing for us.

  2. I’d like to know more about Judge Zilly; elected or appointed? if appointed, by whom? Clearly he answers to the USN…can this be appealed to a higher court?

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