Jefferson County SMP to finally be adopted! Dec 16th

No really! After local adoption, the County will then forward the new Shoreline Master Program (SMP)  to Ecology for final adoption and anticipates the new program will be in effect by mid-January 2014.

From Michelle McConnell of the Department of Community Development:

Monday, December 16, 2013

City of Port Townsend’s Cotton Building

(former Police station)

607 Water Street – downtown

See the Board’s agenda (to be posted on Friday) for final estimated time (likely ~ 10:30am). The meeting is open to the public – please note this is not a public hearing.

This has been a long and collaborative project for our community and your involvement has been important – whether you just tuned-in or have been following this for years, whether just tracking progress via web & email updates, submitting comments, attending the many public hearings and outreach events, or participating in the extensive advisory committees and Planning Commission process.  The result is an updated Shoreline Master Program that is robust and flexible, rooted in current science, reflective of local values, and better able to address the diversity of our approximate 500 miles of lake, river, and saltwater shorelines under SMP jurisdiction.  The SMP gives us all a much-improved toolbox for allowing appropriate waterfront development in balance with our fragile natural resources:  Let’s Do More With Our Shores:  Protect – Use – Develop – Restore!

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  1. What a long, strange trip it’s been…

  2. The term SMP, surprisingly is here apparently undefined. A Google search revealed the following: special multi peril, Symmetric MultiProcessing, Single Minded Proposition, Survival Multiplayer, Statutory Maternity Pay and at least one that is unrepeatable. What is the intended definition?

    • Good Point! I like the variety of choices; but apparently you missed the opening paragraph that defines the acronym as “Shoreline Master Program.” OK, maybe that doesn’t help if you’ve not been privy to the discussion, but the meaning is clear in planning circles.

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