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New Book: How Dare We? Courageous Practices to Reclaim Our Power as Citizens

Activist Paul Cienfuegos has written a new book. I think you readers will like it. I’ll be getting a copy myself soon. Would be great to have some organization get him up to the Peninsula to discuss this book. He is interviewed about the book, here.

Questions for you the reader in this book. All too familiar scenarios, huh?

Do you care deeply about the state of our society, and don’t see yourself as an activist, but want to do something powerful to make a difference? Or maybe you are an activist and are feeling frustrated that your efforts aren’t bearing fruit?

This book is for you!

No more pleading with government and corporate power-holders who don’t care what you think.

No more testifying at public hearings where the law requires that they ask for public input but the decision has already been made.

It’s time to break out of the “cage of allowable activism” and learn how We the People can become a more powerful force for good. (Yes, you belong to that group!)

Don’t give up. It’s not hopeless. Read this book and get more active in a way that brings real change!

You can buy the book from your local bookstore, or if you don’t have a bookstore nearby, order from our friends at Couth Buzzard in Seattle. They can use your business!

Couth Buzzard:

Phone: (206) 436-2960. Someone will be present during business hours to take your call. Outside of these hours, please feel free to leave a message and callback number.

E-mail: Please contact Include name, address, phone number, and the titles you are interested in. We will reply as soon as possible.

Online Form: Visit and enter pertinent information. You may schedule an in-store pickup or direct shipment for used or new books, but we are only able to ship new books at this time.

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