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Program: River Otter Beach Walk

Wednesday,10/19/22 @ 10am


Join us to learn about these cute and curious creatures that live throughout the Puget Sound.  We’ll be taking a beach walk on East Beach past the Wansboro Battery and discussing the river otter’s life cycle, behavior and where you might find them.  If we’re lucky, we may even see one!  Bring comfortable shoes, warm clothes and a rain jacket.

Meet: East Beach past Wansboro Battery

Presenter: Jenn Riker

Program: Southern Resident Orcas


Saturday, 10/29 @7pm

Join us to learn about our Southern Resident Orcas, now they are doing, and recent research.  Join Friends of Fort Flagler for an in-person presentation at the Fort Flagler hospital and learn about the Southern Resident Orcas at the Hospital.

Meet: Hospital behind the Museum.

PresenterBrad Hanson, Ph.D., Wildlife Biologist,

Brad is an ecologist with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center and is currently studying foraging and habitat use of Southern Resident killer whales and health assessment of harbor and Dall’s porpoises.  Previously, Brad worked as a Wildlife Biologist at the National Marine Mammal Laboratory in Seattle, WA. Brad received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington where he worked on the development of improved tag attachment systems for small cetaceans. He also holds an M.S. in Fisheries from the University of Washington and a B.A. in Zoology also from the University of Washington.

Friends of Fort Flagler is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoring, preserving, and protecting the natural and historic resources of Fort Flagler State Park.  Please support our state park by becoming a member, volunteering, or donating to our organization.  To learn more, visit

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