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Donate to orgs that protect our seas! Real results here and around the globe

My end of the year appeal is to support the work of Sea Shepard and the Wild Fish Conservancy. Both these organizations are focused on taking radically important steps to stop the destruction of our seas and take the battles into courts and governments around the world. Here is a quick overview of the incredibly important work of Sea Shepard in stopping the rape of the ocean by putting themselves physically at risk. They have been helping Alexandra Morton in our area of the world as well. Ok. You know the drill. Click and support. See you in 2022.

And here is a short video on the latest project from Wild Fish Conservancy. They have been at the forefront of legal challenges to a variety of threats to the shores and waters of the Sound and elsewhere. They have a proven track record of success at stopping monied interests from pillaging the Salish Sea.

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