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Budget Cuts Will Devaste US Estuaries, Experts Warn – Courthouse News Service

While it’s highly unlikely this budget proposal will ever see the light of day, it is indicative of the lack of respect for environmental concerns that this administration continues to display. The Senate and House have not been willing to take these budget proposals seriously.

When an endangered orca named Tahlequeah lost her calf last summer, the entire pod swam 1,000 miles with the grieving mother as she carried the young whale’s body for 17 days through the Salish Sea. Laura Blackmore, executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership, told House lawmakers Tuesday that Tahlequah’s story is one of many that speaks to the death knell that has been sounding for the Seattle-area deep fjord estuary…. The House Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment invited experts like Blackmore to testify this morning against the Trump administration’s proposed 31% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency budget — a move that would cut nearly $650 million in funding for environmental and restorative efforts. Jack Rodgers reports. (Courthouse News Service)

Budget Cuts Will Devastate US Estuaries, Experts Warn

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