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Friends, as you know, today is a major day of matched giving called Give Big. I have been the Board President for Sound Action for about three years now. Today we are asking for any donation you wish to give us. I joined SA because we get things done. Our Executive Director, Amy Carey, spent hundreds of hours in the Orca Task force, pushing for a bill to give greater power to Wa Fish & Wildlife to strengthen their ability to protect the shoreline habitat. We lobbied for weeks 5 days a week.

IT IS BEING SIGNED INTO LAW TODAY! We get things done. Help us keep doing that. We are a tiny NGO with big ambitions. Thanks in advance with all my heart.

I donate my work on this long running blog, to Sound Action. Hope you will help us continue our good work.

The link to donate is here:

An message of good news on our work by our Executive Director Amy Carey is here:


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