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Extreme High Tides in Puget Sound this week

Many news sources are covering the high tides (marketed as “King” Tides), that are occurring in Puget Sound this week. This gives us an opportunity to do some citizen science and capture video or stills of the events. Here’s how.

Every morning this week, Seattle will experience especially high tides. They’re called “king tides.” They happen once or twice a year, when the moon comes closest to the earth. Scientists say king tides help us identify places vulnerable to rising sea levels, so we went to talk to people who live and work close to the water. Joshua Menashe grew up in a house right on Puget Sound in West Seattle. He’s back there helping his parents put up Christmas lights now. He remembers one time, a really high tide washed some sea lions into their backyard. “Right over here to the left – sitting right by the firepit!” he said. “They started barking and then hopped back into the water and were gone.” Monday’s king tide one was only twelve and a half feet. Joshua McNichols reports. (KUOW)



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