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Every so often I get a bunch of comments flood in on an article that are obviously from people not supportive of environmental protection.  Sometimes these comments are really over the top. All comments have to be cleared before they are put on the site. This is to keep this civil. Just to clarify my policy on what I allow and what I don’t.

Comments that are just simply criticism or legitimate debate are welcome. I never censor a person who is legitimately trying to raise a counterpoint or bring up a different side to the issue. As long as the author is respectful and doesn’t endup name calling or using put downs to make a point.

Any author who thinks that it is their right to be mean, using hateful putdowns and exhibiting abnormal behavior simply will be blocked. This is not a forum for all points of view, for that you can build your own site, but I welcome alternative arguements, and as you know, I am not shy about calling a person out when they present a point of view that is not well researched or seems to be an industry public relations person hiding behind a facade. To be clear, I worked in technical marketing myself and needed to present my company’s point of view in very hostile forums. I always held my opposition in respect, until they crossed their own lines and then I felt it valid to go on the attack.

So please, keep it civil, and you will get heard.

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