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Carbon Tax Initiative Sponsors Consider Not Turning In Signatures – KPLU

A likely smart idea. As I’ve reported earlier, this initiative was not well written, and the competing initiative has the backing of a far wider coalition. Let’s hope they can pull it together, merge the efforts, and get this thing passed next year.

The sponsors of a Washington initiative to tax carbon emissions say they’re considering not turning in a final batch of about 100,000 voter signatures by Dec. 31 that would all but assure the measure would go before the legislature in January…. In a letter to supporters posted to the Carbon Washington website Monday night, Initiative 732 sponsor Yoram Bauman said an alternative carbon pricing measure has emerged that polls better…. He said details of the competing measure are still being worked out, but that it would be a “carbon fee” with significant portions of the revenues going to support clean energy and clean water projects. In October the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, backed by labor and environmental interests, announced its intention to pursue an alternative carbon-pricing ballot measure. The Alliance conducted the polling that Bauman references in his blog post. Austin Jenkins reports. (KPLU)

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