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National ocean acidification study finds Northwest among hardest-hit regions- KPLU

More news on the Ocean Acidification front, which is right here. The race to save our shellfish industry is on. International action is needed but there is no political will to fight it at that level. The changes needed for the US, China and India are so immense, that only a massive shift to electric vehicles along with solar and wind replacing coal will likely help. China continues to built coal plants like there is no tomorrow, and frankly, they may be right!

The Natural Resources Defense Council released a report today that won’t come as a surprise to Northwest shellfish growers. Ocean acidification–a chemical imbalance in the water caused by carbon dioxide emissions–is hitting the Northwest harder than other parts of the country. Authors of the report, “Vulnerability and adaptation of US shellfisheries to ocean acidification,” ranked Oregon and Washington high among regions expected to be rocked by the ocean’s changing chemistry, but not only because of our water conditions. They picked us because many Northwesterners make their living off shellfish – a species that’s particularly vulnerable to acidification. Kelly House reports. (Oregonian)

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