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Earthquake Warnings – B.C. megathrust earthquake will rip earth open like a zipper says expert

We know that we live with the possibility of a massive earthquake, very likely in our lifetimes. I want to continue putting these warnings out there so that none of us get complacent. I carry a tire iron and gloves in my trunks, and a hand crank flashlight, which I have read from first responders to the SF Quake of 89 were critical to have on hand. I also make sure I have gallons of water in the garage, and spare gloves and shoes under my bed. If I survive it, I’ll hopefully be in shape to help those who aren’t so fortunate. The notion, in this story, that a four story tsunami hit Japan after the last big one here, is quite sobering.

Last megathrust earthquake off B.C. coast in 1700 generated a four story tsunami in Japan nine hours later. A Natural Resources Canada seismologist says the odds of ‘big one’ occurring in next 50 years are one in 10. Dirk Meissner reports. (The Canadian Press)

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