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Climate Change And The Republican Party – KUOW.ORG

Great interview with Bill Ruckelshaus. He and other Republicans who have headed the EPA have come out with a call to their fellow Republicans currently in Congress, to get with the program and accept Climate Change. 
Former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and former co-chair of the Puget Sound Partnership, William Ruckelshaus explains why the Republican Party needs to take action on climate change.

Why is this important to us on the Olympic Peninsula? Because climate change is affecting the oceans, meaning severe changes to fish and shellfish. It could mean huge costs to move facilities up off the waterfront as oceans rise. Larger and more powerful storms are predicted, much like Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. Also, we get most of our water from the runoff from snowpack in the mountains. That could mean a significant reduction in drinking water in the future.  We are thrilled that Mr. Ruckelshaus and others have taken this stand against their own party’s inaction.

Check with KUOW.ORG to find this interview, as it was live today, will likely be rebroadcast tonight, and likely posted on their web site soon.

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