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Latest on Clallam County SMP

From Clallam County:

The Draft (Nov. 2012) Shoreline Master Program (SMP) revisions are still in progress.  Work also continues on the following three SMP update related documents (addressing west-end rivers/lakes subject to the SMP update found within Watershed Resource Inventory Area 20 (WRIA 20) that drain to the Pacific Ocean):

1.      WRIA 20 Draft Cumulative Impacts Analysis and No Net Loss Report.

2.      WRIA 20 Draft Shoreline Restoration Plan.

3.      WRIA 20 Draft Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Maps.  (The County is in the process of reviewing WRIA 20 Draft Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) maps submitted to the County by the Washington State Department of Ecology that show the approximate extent of areas susceptible to channel migration along west-end rivers.)

Revised Schedule:

·       Projected Release Date/Availability of Revised Draft (July 2013) SMP:  July 31, 2013.

·       Initial Presentation of Revised Draft (July 2013) SMP to Clallam County Planning Commission:  Targeted for August 7, 2013, at the Clallam County Courthouse, 223 East Fourth Street, Port Angeles, WA, 6:30 p.m.

·       Public Comment Period on Revised Draft SMP:  There will be a minimum 60-Day Public Review Period on the Revised Draft SMP once made available to the public.  

·       Public Workshops and Hearing:  Regional public workshops and Planning Commission public hearings will be scheduled.      

·       Recommendation to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners (BOCC):  After the public hearing process and public comment consideration, the Planning Commission will deliberate and make a recommendation to the BOCC on an updated SMP.  This recommendation is anticipated to occur fall/winter of 2013.

·       Board of Clallam County Commissioners (BOCC) Review and Action:  The BOCC will schedule and hold public hearing(s) on the Draft SMP recommended by the Planning Commission.  The BOCC review is anticipated to commence in late-2013 or early 2014.

·       County Submittal to Washington State Department of Ecology for Approval:  Following BOCC adoption, the County will submit the adopted SMP to the State for approval.

Smp update web Page

Clallam County maintains an SMP Update Web Page on the Internet.  The SMP web pages contain the latest drafts of the SMP update and supporting update documents (e.g., Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report).  It also contains public comments received, announcements of upcoming SMP presentations, ability to submit comments electronically, and other information.  Once completed, the pending Revised Draft SMP will be downloadable from the SMP Update Web Page at the address below

The direct link to the Clallam County SMP Update Web Page is:

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