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Whales all over the Salish Sea

The Orca Network Whale Siting daily bulletin reports lots of sightings of various whales, mainly in Saratoga Passage, on the east side of Whidbey Island. If you got the time, they got the whales.

We met a lot of nice folks sharing the fun of watching a gray whale parade all over Penn Cove today. Gray whales were seen up and down Saratoga Passage, from Langley to deep inside Penn Cove, on this sparkling sunny day. Bigg’s whales (Transients) were were in Saanich Inlet today, and NOAA Fisheries reports K25 and probably the rest of K pod (and possibly much of L pod) were shuffling around in northern Oregon and southern Washington. And a humpback was off Clover Point in Victoria.

To join the Orca Network, go sign up at the following link.

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