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Rumor Central: Now REI’s Sally Jewell considered for Sec. of Interior?

Your Saturday Political Intrigue to go along with Netflix’s Americanization of “House of Cards”. The latest rumor coming out of Washington, Ex-Govenor Gregoire may be in competition with Sally Jewell, CEO of REI for the post of Sec. of the Interior. I’d bet on Gregoire though I would prefer seeing Jewell in the role. I don’t have any questions about Jewell’s credentials as an environmentalist.

And if you didn’t watch the BBC version of House of Cards, you likely will really like the American version now streaming on Netflix. I watched the BBC version some years ago and it was excellent, a thriller based on political intrigue. I always love seeing a bit of the pulling back of the veil around how politics works. In this state, after courting and getting the environmental vote, Gov. Inslee sponsors, as his first bill, an act that angers 29 environmental groups, many of whom have been his allies. Would love to be a fly on the wall for how that happened, and what the political give and take was that allowed him to support it. As the old saying goes, “follow the money”.

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