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Legislative Alert Issues–Stop Bills SSB 6406 and HB 2801

Please let Representative Kevin Van de Wege , Rep Tharinger and Senator Hargrove hear from you on two critical environmental issues which, if lost, will set this State back some years in its environmental protections.  Please contact Kevin today (Friday) morning, either by email   or  by phone 360-786-7916

We are at the home stretch in the state legislature and we need your help on the following two bad environmental rollback bills: SSB6406 and HB 2801. Please take a moment to call Rep. Kevin Van deWege, and Rep Steve Tharinger, along with  Senator Hargrove immediately and leave a voice message and urge him to oppose SSB 6406 and Section 104 of HB 2801?

HB 2801: House Bill 2801 is a bill that would weaken rules to protect Washington waters. Section 104  would  allow more pollution to seep into Puget Sound and our waterways by gutting Department of Ecology’s new stormwater permit language to address polluted runoff, even before the permit has been adopted, by making aspects (low impact development standards) of the permit"voluntary." This approach is inconsistent with the federal Clean Water Act and a major step backwards on clean water safeguards. Status: House Ways and Means Committee

SSB 6406: Substitute Senate Bill 6406 is made up of several bad proposals rolled into one very large threat to the environment. It would rollback portions of the Growth Management Act (the law that protects our state from sprawl), and make several major policy changes to the State Environmental Policy Act. This bill is also another attack on clean water, potentially delaying implementation of stormwater permits that would prevent polluted runoff from entering Puget Sound and waterways across the state.

Status: Passed through Senator Ways and Means Committee andis on the Senate floor for imminent vote.

Rep. Van de Wege: 360-786-7916  or

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