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40k farmed salmon escape in BC…

Another reason we should stop farming fish not native to this area.

10/24 Victoria Times-Colonist
40,000 fish escape farm–Gillnetters near Sointula report catching Atlantic salmon
By Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist

A recovery vessel working for a fish-farming company recovered about 1,100 escaped Atlantic salmon yesterday, and will continue working over the weekend to catch more of the estimated 40,000 escaped fish. The salmon got out late Wednesday evening after crews, using a pump system and pipe, removed dead fish from the two pens at Port Elizabeth on Gilford Island, said Clare Backman, director of environmental relations for Marine Harvest Canada.

The fish died because of low oxygen levels in the water, a phenomenon that occurs intermittently in the area, Backman said. “It was during that process that a hole in the net occurred,” he said.

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