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Great turnout for Poisoned Waters film

A crowd of about 50 people turned out on Monday night to watch the edited version of Poisoned Waters, the film on Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay. The version that was shown was edited to just the Puget Sound issues. Afterwards, representatives from  WSU, Local 2020, Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee, People For Puget Sound and others answered questions by the audience. There was a great deal of emotion, and hope for solving this problem. The takeaway is that people need to continue to educate themselves of the problem, the issues that can be used to solve the problem, and what steps they can take, whether small or significant. Local issues include salmon recovery, beachwatchers, WIRA (watershed planning), and many more. Check out the Port Townsend Marine Science center to get a sense of the hands on in the water. We have many resources here.

I want to thank Pat Pierson of WSU and the MRC, along with Linda Kay Smith of Local 2020 for showing the film. There was obviously a lot of strong feelings about the film, and I only wish the film ended on a more positive note!   For anyone who wants more info on the Storm Water Runoff issue that was highlighted in the film, you can go to People for Puget Sound’s web site and follow the links to the Invest in Clean Water Photo Campaign, which supports passing a bill to help fund first stage cleanup of storm water runoff into Puget Sound.

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